最近台灣有個生意人, 提出 "賤民說"! 他說中國很進步! 老酥偶寫了一篇文


國民黨早倒,台灣早好(26): 又是一隻魯蛇 + 中國奴


今天請大家來看一篇昨天的澳洲新聞, 順便來學英語! 這篇文章標題 :

China's central bank sends warning about 'hazardous' financial risks 中國央行發出有



central bank : 中央銀行

hazardous : 有害的

讀法 :


老酥偶帶大家讀第一, 二段就好!^^

China's financial system is getting significantly more vulnerable due to high leverage,

according to central bank governor Zhou Xiaochuan, who also flagged the need for

deeper reforms in the world's second-biggest economy.

vulnerable : 脆弱的

reforms: 改革

leverage : 槓桿, 在此是指財務槓桿!

Zhou Xiao Chuan : 周小川 (這是中國發明的拼音法)


Latent risks are accumulating, including some that are "hidden, complex, sudden,

contagious and hazardous," even as the overall health of the financial system

remains good, Zhou wrote in a lengthy article published on the People's Bank of

China's website late Saturday.

Latent risks潛在的危機

Contageous : 傳染性的


全文大家可以自己讀。結論是, 中國的經濟真的有那麼好嗎? 嘿嘿嘿~~~~~~~~~~~~


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